Mobile phone signal boosters are the devices developed to address the reason for the poor reception of mobile or cell phone. They are designed to strengthen a weak signal outside and bypass obstructions to offer inside a strong signal that was lacking originally in an area.

The system works in a location by mounting an antenna outside in the place it currently has signal, and this is by and large on the roof. Only then, the signal gets passed by a cable inside the building from the outside antenna to a signal amplifier. Once the signal is improved, it is sent to an antenna inside, where it broadcasts out to the area requiring better reception. The system works in reverse from your phone with the signal being improved and broadcasted back to the tower, ensuring two-way, strong communication. Reading into offerings from sites such as UKSignalboosters, you can find that there are a wide range of signal boosting options on the market.

How to Pick a Signal Booster

Picking the correct mobile phone signal booster implies you must know three pieces of information: The carriers & networks required to support, the existing signal strength outside those carriers, and the area size that needs to receive the boosted signal.

Carriers & Networks required to Support

Mobile phone signal boosters strengthen radio waves frequencies that are related to specific carriers ( Sprint, Verizon, At&T, etc) and the networks (2G, 3G, 4GLTE) on the carriers. The foremost is to understand the carriers you should support and its networks on those carriers that clarifies the signal amplifiers you can use and the type of antenna required outside.

Most carriers employ for 2G and 3G networks the same frequencies to handle 3G data and voice calls, so the same amplifier may be used to amplify the carriers. The 4G LTE networks now handle fast data, no voice) using different frequencies, so in case you wish to boost 4G LTE, you require an amplifier that is designed particularly for 4G LTE network carriers.

Besides, if you wish to support multiple carriers, you must use an omni-directional outside antenna that can send and receive at once from all directions. If you require supporting a carrier, you can make use of a stronger directional antenna, from the closest cell tower and receive boosting power than you receive now from an omni antenna.